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Player: Bacci
Join Date: August 26th, 2013
Level: 05
Card Worth: 811

currency and extras


x6 x2 x2 x4 x2 x2







August 26:
-Starter pack: aide04, aide08, archer01, archer03, onepunch05, theories02, kendo01, contract08, relief10, net06.

August 29:
-Games festival: short01, nameless03, bluepotion, bluepotion, baron03, ninjutsu05, voxaura05, rising07, conviction02 and a Love Letter
-Puzzle chain: korino08, thoughtful10, apple03, struggler02, lion01, zabimaru07, Love Letter, pinkpotion
-Starter Pack bonus: shark05, burn09

August 30:
-Traded Elliot: my net06 and mc_bacci for apple08 (t001), mc_elliott (t002)

September 01:
-Deck release: clueless06, leading10, peacemaker02, freestyle05, backstroke05, cheagle05, fonmaster10, greedy04, nostalgia10
-Singles' claims: esper03, esper07, esper10, rock10
-Traded Marge: my theories02 for apple04(t003)
-Traded Joyce: my peacemaker02, clueless06, leading10, freestyle05, backstroke05, mc_bacci for aide10, archer02, esper01, esper05, esper09, mc_joyce(t010)

September 05:
-Freebies: zentradi07, prideful06
-Trivia: nobility02, greedy03, honoo04
-OTP Battles: jintan05
-Blind date: abyssal09, blank03, pilot09
-Traded Marge: my cheagle05, fonmaster10, greedy03, greedy04 for archer06, archer07, archer08, innocent06(t014)

September 06:
-Traded Marie: my pilot09 and mc_bacci for archer05 and mc_marie(t016)

September 09:
-Games festival: d001, lacrosse03, teikoku03, Love Letter, woodpecker10, minus09, esper03, purplepotion, redpotion

September 10:
-Deck release: neon02, challenge02, crezant06, destroy05, classmate09, foxhound09, ricochet10, laidback09, masked01
-Trivia: spain09, hungary07, vocalist06 [gr001]
-Simon says: exchanged zentradi07 for canard02, taciturn07 [gr002]
-Shop (Card Pack 02): aide01, aide02
-Shop (Card Pack 03): archer04, aide04

September 15:
-Puzzle Chain: ponta05, viera10, avaricious03, winged08, diary05, wolf08, Love Letter, greenpotion[gr003]
-Freebies: ryuzaki06, boku09[gr004]
-Traded Joyce: traded my destroy05 and crezant06 for neon01 and challenge01
-Traded Suijini: my zabimaru07 and mc_bacci for workaholic01 and mc_suijini
-Traded Dan: my foxhound09 and ricochet10 for apple06 and archer09
-Traded Marie: my laidback09 for six07
-Traded Marge: my classmate09 for neon10(t027)

September 17:
-Deck Donations: moose03, kiseru02, camellia09, bluesky03 and a Love Letter
-Traded Dan: my mc_bacci for mc_dan(t028)
-Traded Roax: my nobility02 and mc_bacci for rock05 and mc_roax(t029)
-Traded Fumika: my blank03 and mc_bacci for rock09 and mc_fumika(t030)

September 18:
-Singles claims: bento04, blues08, forte10 and idols09
-Shop (Card Pack 02): archer10, aide09
-Shop (Card Pack 04): diagnostics10, neon09
-Shop (Card Pack 05): crocodile04, dragoon02, eyepatch05, butler10

September 19:
-Guess The Videogame: mentor07, galge07, idols14[gr005]

September 20:
-Exchange: idols09 for aide03 and aide05
-Traded Lex: my hungary07 and mc_bacci for bento02 and mc_lex(t032)
-Present from Joyce: greenpotion, orangepotion, purplepotion

September 21:
-Simon says: exchanged teikoku03 for vino10 and assistant06 [gr006]
-Traded Mae: my korin08 and mc_bacci for rock07 and mc_mae(t033)
-Games festival: superficial05, home03, tigerdrive03, Love Letter, thoughtful06, struggler06, iga09, rosewhip01, bench03, phantasm07, apologize02, flute03[gr005]

September 23:
-Assemble: friendly04, tearjewel06, perfecto09

September 24:
-Blind date: trumpet01, speedo08, housewife05[gr006]
-Shop: (Card Pack 06): woodpecker07, spain07, danto02, roar01, photograph09, rational07
-Traded Pam: my wolf08, voxaura05 and mc_bacci for challenge08, six06 and mc_pam(t036)

September 26:
-Trivia: kyotoryu10, verloren07, classmate07[gr007]
-Date spots: complex06, patissier07, detached09[gr008]
-OTP Battles: lollipop01, vengeance03, titans02[gr009]
-Level Ups: existence09, b-rabbit04, counter06, aide06, aide07, bluepotion
-Traded Joyce: my workaholic01 for photograph04(t037)
-Traded Francy: my perfecto09 and mc_bacci for neon03 and mc_francy (t039)

September 28:
-Simon says: exchanged kendo01 for goal09 and journalist05[gr010]

-Masteries: archer-aide, bighearted04, calculation07, airsoft08, neon04, challenge03, pinkpotion
-Classified ads: fishing03, ramen05[gr011]
-Trivia: lewdness06, calico09, revolver08
-Traded Joyce: my titans02 for esper02(t040)
-Traded Marge: my bighearted04, conviction02, calculation07 for bento03, bento05, bento09(t043)
-Trade Joyce: my tigerdrive03, goal09 for weapon07, weapon09(t045)

October 01:
-Shop (Card Pack 02): challenge04, neon05
-Shop (Card Pack 04): theories09, shinmeiryuu07
-Shop (Card Pack 05): script07, westwood06, graduate05, playboy03
-Traded Dan: my canard02 and kiseru02 for bento10 and weapon06(t047)

October 02:
-Singles Claims: blues09, headmaster04, neon06 and rock06
Freebies: hebihime10, programmer09[gr012]

October 04:
-Guess The Videogame: teikoku06, iga07, boys02[gr013]
-OTP Battles: telepathy09, robattle10, pictures04, shattered08[gr014]
-Traded Elliott: my assistant06 and bluesky03 for esper06 and neon07(t049)
-Traded Chiana: my friendly04 and jintan05 for challenge05 and neon08 (t050)

October 06:
-Exchange: idols14 for esper04 and esper08
-Reactions: ssud03, icolo10[gr015]

October 07:
-Blind date: treasurer04, dunebuggy03, swordsman04, sharingan03[gr016]
-Trivia: midget06, einstein10, neptune07[gr017]
-Games festival: eyepatch01, kantoku07, normal06, Love Letter, hilt07, devotion01, pancakes10, diligence10, pinkpotion, orangepotion

October 10:
-Shop: (Card Pack 02)x2: challenge06, challenge07, weapon01, weapon02
-Shop: (Card Pack 06): stampede07, workaholic04, steal05, lazy06, materia05, eyebrows01
-OTP Battles: texting07, mafia09, valentine07[gr018]
-Date Spots: sanome02, contractor07, silent08
-Puzzle Chain: planetary01, bangs04, romantic06, chariot04, aide10, shiranui07, Love Letter, bluepotion
-Traded Arisa: : my ramen05 for twilight10(t051)

October 12:
-Traded Lua: my silent08 for rock04(t052)
-Traded Styx: my woodpecker07, woodpecker10 and mc_bacci for rock02, blues10 and mc_styx(t053)

October 13:
-Level Ups: latvia06, heroic02, money04, bento01, weapon10, redpotion
-Exhange: my hilt07 for challenge09 and challenge10

October 19:
-Deck Release: runic01, sunflower02, union04, boisterous10, lipstick04, laguna10, spectator03, kiss-shot04, mascots01, crossover08
-Deck Donations: kid08, betrayed10, destroy06, eyeshield05, Love Letter
-Singles Claims: neon09, nyan07, venus09 and reversed05
-Date spots: god04, exorcist09, sorrow07[gr019]
-Guess the videogame: verloren04, redlion01, boys18[gr020]
-Simon Says: ramen05 for novelist10, summer03[gr021]
-OTP Battles: wrestler09, blunt09, taurus01[gr022]
-Trivia: baseball10, talent09, fighting06[gr023]
-Blind Date: scarlet03, barefoot10, earl06[gr024]
-Freebies: thoughtful04, smuggle07[gr025]
-Traded Kippi: my laguna10 for runic03(t054)
-Traded Lee: my kiss-shot04 for runic07(t055)

October 20:
-Classified ads: transfer07, gender03[gr026]
-Traded Ruriair: my spectator03 for runic06(t056)

October 21:
-Traded Joyce: my destroy08 and union04 for runic08 and mascots20(t058)

November 02:
-Guess the Videogame: kikaichu01, effort09, shoujo12[gr027]
-Blind Date: jakob07, nyan04, rythm10, romantic02[gr028]
-Freebies: azuresky05, bluedragon05, videogames08[gr029]
-Connections: lazy06, heart10, hilt16[gr030]
-Date Spots: taozi09, junes02, temperanza09[gr031]
-Discussion: shark03, theend09[gr032]
-OTP Battles: drive10[gr033]
-Trivia: rebel01, rolling06, singer09[gr034]
-Classified ads: visualkei01, lithuania09[gr035]
-Singles Claims: jumpy10, jupiter03, priestess09, swordswoman08
-Exchange: my boys18 for bento06 and weapon03
-Traded Dan: my lipstick04 for runic09(t059)
-Traded Rozen: my diary05 for fork05(t060)
-Traded Marge: my boisterous10, taciturn07 for runic05, blues07(t061)

November 03:
-Games festival: viera07, breaker10, liberate08, Love Letter, unyielding03, mars05, silent06, hime08, rockdove06, koopa06, route17, mascots02[gr036]

November 09:
-Mystery song: yami05, lipstick05, school16[gr037]
-Simon says: exchanged junes02 for center06, ninja02[gr038]
-Discussion: mystic04, suit03, twins01[gr039]
-Reactions: resolve02, parfait09[gr040]
-Shop (Card Pack 03): weapon08, runic10
-Singles' Claims: blade06, neon06, photograph03, robattle08
-Traded Reneetwist: my viera10 and mc_bacci for jupiter06 and mc_reneetwist(t062)
-Traded Ten: my lollipop01, smuggle07 for fork08, visualkei04(t064)

November 23:
-Date Spots: mangaka10, seiyuu06, crossdress06[gr041]
-Trivia: victory04, luckyitem02, safetypins07[gr042]
-OTP Battles: pressure03, fangs04, mute07[gr043]
-Guess the Videogame: perspective10, robotic10, muscles15[gr045]
-Freebies: phantasm04, horn04[gr046]
-Games festival: lancelot05, temperanza09, windor03, fogtroupe08, pharaoh01, four04, axe08, surgeon09, greenpotion, orangepotion, Love Letter[gr047]
-Assemble: newspaper07, obsession08, dragoon10 [gr048]
-Exchange: my route17 for bento07 and bento08
-Exchange: my muscles15 for runic04 and blues05
-Deck Donations: queen07, pizza07, bass02, thanatos02, Love Letter
-Deck Release: wonder01, bravo01, tongue01, ogre02, dabuu02, employee04, kanemochi20
-Shop (Card Pack 03): runic08, blues01
-Shop (Card Pack 04): rain09, marksman06
-Shop (Card Pack 05): bindingrod07, meatshop01, shooter01, dusktaker08, fonmaster01, levi04
-Traded Dan: ogre02 and daabu02 for bravo04 and wonder04(t048)
-Traded Marie: my sunflower02 for runic02 (t049)
-Traded Joyce: my baseball10, programmer09, classmate07, icolo10 for wonder02, bravo02, rock01, rock03(t053)
-Traded Ruriair: my airsoft08 for robattle09(t054)
-Traded Celi: my burn09, detached09 for resolve01, twilight04(t056)
-Traded Christy: my mystic04 for blade10(t057)
-Traded Elliott: my romantic02, classmate07 for rock08, innocent10

November 24:
-Traded Arisa: my exorcist09 for wonder07(t058)
-Traded Shika: my rain09, script07 and theend09 for neptune03, priestess05, and texting03(t061)

November 27:
-Masteries: neon-challenge, dimension09, ophiuchus07, hammer04, bravo05, wonder05, redpotion
-Masteries: bento-weapon, conqueror08, lancer02, goal04, bravo06, wonder06, purplepotion
-Masteries: runic-esper, heritage04, three07, cyanpile08, bravo07, wonder08, bluepotion
-Traded Ivi: my mars05 and mc_bacci for swordswoman03 and mc_ivi(t063)


February 08:
-Trivia: duran06, tamer02, biased05[gr049]
-OTP Battles: android05, beautymark04, england01[gr050]
-Blind Date: daru05, lycaon03, shatterd08, older05[gr051]
-OTP Battles: shinmeiryuu10[gr052]
-Reactions: anxious08, composer03[gr053]
-Deck Donations: temporary05, silence04, housework08, roomate01, Love Letter
-Guess the Videogame: needles04, quincy06, mascots12[gr054]

February 11:
-Games Festival: prosecute10, apprentice04, apologize10, Love Letter, writer03, sacrifice06, growth05, flash01, fangirl08, racer06, drpepper02, daisy03, spectator06[gr055]
-Puzzle Chain: nova04, lancet10, pizza05, protective06, snake07, hyoton02, Love Letter, bluepotion[gr056]
-Singles' Claims: blues03, bravo08, jupiter01, photograph01
-Traded Tsurumi: my dragoon10 conqueror08, diary05, lithuania09, lancer02 and mc_bacci for finite02, headmaster09, headmaster10, priestess01, jupiter08 and mc_tsurumi (t069)

February 15:
-Simon Says: aide04 for bison08 and marshmallows09[gr056]
-Exchange: route17 for bravo09 and wonder09
-Shop (Card Pack 03): bravo03, wonder03
-Shop (Card Pack 05): napping08, suna-suna06, virgo09, interface10
-Traded Joyce: my biased05, dusktaker08, fighting06, kid08, perspective10, pharaoh01, silent06, victory04, wrestler09 for twilight01, twilight05, twilight08, venus08, uranus09, resolve04, resolve05, resolve10, neptune10(t078)

February 27:
-Freebies: swimming04, spicy05[gr057]
-Mystery Song: jewels01, needles06, nattou06, classified03, muscles08[gr058]
-Date Spots: hairflip03, kritya01, canada04[gr059]
-OTP Battles: nattou06, samekh05, chumley09[gr060]
-Simon Says: esper03 for unreliable01, Love Letter[gr061]
-Guess the videogame: silkworm08, powered09, mascots11[gr063]
-Blind date: racer01, kiss-shot03, jagan02, palmtop05[gr064]
-OTP Battles: hyakka01, panther04, badluck06[gr065]
-Date Spots: tree04[gr066]
-Deck Release: finite01, blueblur02, boundaries02, healer04, theking08, saiyan04, capsule09, gaps01, salute07
-Level Ups: blacksuit04, spear09, mysterious09, bravo10, wonder10, pinkpotion
-Traded Joyce: my blueblur02 for finite03(t079)
-Traded Netbug: my healer04 for finite05(t080)
-Traded Kues: my boundaries02 for finite04(t081)
-Traded Danybel: my theking08 for council07(t082)
-Traded Chiana: my salute07 for finite06(t083)
-Traded Saku: my effort09 for blues06(t084)

March 17:
-Simon says: my bindingrod07 guns09, chronokinetic09[gr067]
-Classified ads: cr-s0104, claws10[gr068]
-Freebies: kansai01, hakutaku08[gr069]
-Trivia: young07, pilot02, hands04[gr070]
-Discussion: spartoi01, colonel02, whitehair14[gr071]
-Blind date: attendant09, solitary06, records09[gr072]
-OTP Battles: chosen08, friends02[gr073]
-Guess the videogame: iwant06, waffu07, mascots10[gr074]
-Mystery song: calming03, clay02, nostalgia08[gr075]
-Asemble: tigerdrive01, kurta10, bangle09
-Shop (Card Pack 02): finite07, finite08
-Shop (Card Pack 03): barrier01, witch01
-Singles claims: kbt06, neon08, nyan02 and mascots07
-Exchange: my boys02 for finite09 and finite10
-Valentines event: blues02, blues04, a full potion set and an event badge
-Deck donations rewards: scold07, ladies05, iron10, quest06, ojousama05, royal04, gurren04, neechan01 and a Love Letter
-Deck release: catgirl01, hedonist01, werewolf01, jian-shi01, cheerleader01, voodoo01, linked07, tailswipe10, valentines16, valentines15

April 21:
-Traded Ruriair: my fishing03, kurta10, spear09 for chariot02, fork07, headmaster08

May 01:
-Guess the videogame: sword02, cinderella04, school06
-Picture hunt: valkyrie08, einstein05, himeko07, antagonists07
-Freebies: cop08, tigerdrive06
-Trivia: marksman08, athlete02, eastern10
-Freebies: joker09, glare09, videogames07
-OTP Battles: izayoi05
-Guess the videogame: capricorn07, jr07, boys12
-Freebies: prison08, enter08
-2nd aniversary event: purchased crossover coupon, instant mastery, brothers02, strongarm02, hyoton03, feathers01, multi-size08, manakete08, effort04, aura03, parasol03, chosen03, pacifist08, taichi07, athlum10, mirror09, muttsurini04, flowers05, coordinator09, antares05, mikan08, loveletter07, fate02, sannin02, sumizome09, baldy07, bison05, gorilla10, serpent04, avemaria10, zeus04, apathetic04, heavenrend09, witch10, d-hero06, cabal04, knit06, happiness08, friendly04, kaleidostick01, anti-social06, tiger04, foxfire04, russia09, puzzles09, bright09, one09
-Shop (Card Pack 01): resolve06, resolve07
-Shop (Card Pack 02): resolve08, twilight03
-Exchange: my twins01 for resolve03 and twilight02
-Deck Release: lowest01, monopolize01, tradition01, ditzy02, paisley08, sail05, cunning01, sailorcap10, royals11
-Traded Dan: my capsule09, linked07, saiyan04 for cheerleader03, jian-shi02 and voodoo02
-Traded Jen: my center06, nova04 and mc_bacci for rational08, stardust04 and mc_jen
-Traded Dan: my ditzy02, paisley08, mentor07, planetary01, young07 and struggler02 for jian-shi07, lowest10, lowest07, nyan03, nyan05 and robattle01
-Traded Cate: my dragoon02, eyebrows01, jagan02, rosewhip01, mafia09 for resolve06, chariot01, hands02, jian-shi10, voodoo05
-Received blue potion(x2) and green potion(x2) as a gift from marge

May 26:
-Picture Hunt: robattle09, nonchalant07, ojou03, monochrome13
-Guess the videogame: heart10, strict02, muscles13
-Blind Date: gentle09, reincarnation10, chose01, sail02
-Single claims: blade01, cabbage08, cinderella07 and pleiades05
-Deck Donations: girly10, medic07, leo04, sapphire03 and a Love Letter
-Deck Release: pleiades01, eroge01, drillclaw02, fourteenth01, ripple04, command04, enkidu10, conductor10, digidestined03
-Traded Joyce: my cunning01, drillclaw02 and sail05 for digger10, eroge10 and pirate07

May 29:
-Singles Claims: eroge08, fairy03, missmacross06 and neon03
-Shop (Card Pack 02): twilight06, twilight09
-Shop (Card Pack 03): resolve09, twilight03
-Shop Instant mastery: fairy01, fairy02, fairy03, fairy04, fairy05, fairy06, fairy07, fairy08, fairy09, fairy10, firebomber01, firebomber02, firebomber03, firebomber04, firebomber05, firebomber06, firebomber07, firebomber08, firebomber09, firebomber10

August 05:
-Deck Release: redstone01, flashy01, alexandria01, solitude01, drawing01, handkerchief01, sports02, sports15
-Deck Donations: pictures08, fatherly03, muttsurini08, sanome01 mist08, beretta01 and a Love Letter
-Assemble (may): employee03, zodiac04, attention01
-Asemble (july): voxaura07, carrots07, moogle10
-Traded Dan: my handkerchief08 for flashy10
-Traded Dan: my complex06, gorilla10, himeko07, pilot02 for cinderella10, robattle03, kbt09, rational09
-Traded Chianna: my joker09 for hands05
-Traded Marie: my flash10, kyotoryu and mc_bacci for cinderella10, voodoo06 and mc_marie

August 09:
-Shop (Love Letter)x19: cheerleader05, cheerleader06, cheerleader07, cheerleader08, cheerleader09, cheerleader10, voodoo07, voodoo08, voodoo09, voodoo10, robattle02, robattle04, robattle05, robattle06, robattle07, kbt01, kbt02, kbt03, kbt04
-Simon says: my foxfire04 for champloo10 and goodluck05
-Guess the videogame: kbt07, gothloli05, nostalgia01
-Level Ups: muffler05, knuckles04, plum08, cheerleader02, cheerleader04, pinkpotion
-Level Ups: whitelamb07, ribbon04, yami03, voodoo03, voodoo04, redpotion
-Singles claims: dependable03, dyaus01, gemini03 and undertaker01

August 10:
-Freebies: cosmoamazon06, fryingpan06
-Traded Raie: my dimension09 for cinderella09
-Birthday: technophile03, shibireru01, bluepotion and a love letter

August 14:
-Traded Moe: my brothers02, dimension07, fate02, medic07, minus09, rockdove06, sannin02, sword02 for barrier08, contract02, eroge03, fourteenth02, hands10, sorrow02, valkyrie06, valkyrie10
-Traded Styx: my axe08, housewife05, meatshop01 for cinderella03, hands06, headmaster06

August 30:
-Singles claims: graceful02, neon08, opposite06, peacemaker09
-Traded Marie: my azuresky05, ninja02, ninjutsu05 for ducttape10, twilight09 and vacation01

September 03
-Deck release: dogknight01, phd01, snakeknight01, gang08, crimson02, saffron01, celadon01, seer10, greenhair02, seinen13
-Date Spots: fire01, takoyaki02, happyberry05
-OTP Battles: nyorin02
-Trivia: habanero04, puppeteer04, strahl07
-Classified ads: scales04, millennium08
-Blind date: motorcycle07, platinum05, veggies04, five02
-Freebies: tengu03, etu10
-OTP Battles: shinai05
-Date spots: elicoorian09, chimeraants09, verloren09
-Guess the Videogame: clairvoyant05, wing08, boyslove19
-Blind date: lance09, butcher02, estraneo01, einstein04, stray06, jenova09, summertime19
-Card Scooping: firemage08, pediatrician10, bestfriend01, maracas08, pixie08, sklave03, beretta08, chatter07
-OTP Battles: operator04
-Assemble: orthopedics04, pluto09, church02
-Exchange: my school16 for rock08, twilight07
-Shop (Card Pack 01): bluehair05
-Shop (Card Pack 02): kbt08, kbt10
-Shop (Card Pack 03): fairy01, cinderella01
-Special Raffle: 3 random cards coupon
-Traded reneetwist: my esper03 for stardust10
-Traded samichan: my luckyitem02, muffler05, winged08 for kbt05, alexandria10, blade02
-Traded miyuki: my knit06, cop08, danto02, hyoton02 for contract03, headmaster01, singer02, singer06
-Traded joyce: my silence04 for catgirl02

September 06:
Masteries: rock-blues, caroline03, disappeared10, hoodie06, witch02, witch03, orangepotion
Masteries: bravo-wonder, magus04, klausian07, dolly01, witch04, witch05, purplepotion
Masteries: cheerleader-voodoo, toyshop09, hungary05, grin10, witch06, witch07, redpotion
Masteries: fairy-firebomber, otaku02, hatcher04, thief02, witch08, witch09, bluepotion
Masteries: finite-witch, ace07, top109, costumes03, pleiades02, eroge02, redpotion
Masteries: robattle-kbt, healer07, miserable01, heritage04, pleiades03, eroge03, pinkpotion
Masteries: twilight-resolve, bikini05, julia04, dornkiste06, pleiades04, eroge04, greenpotion
Mini-mastery: haircolor-bacci, pleiades08, eroge08, romano08, engineering06, glutton08, digidestined07

December 22:
Assemble: baking08, evolver10, imagination06
Guess the videogame: amanti10, waiter05, chibi02
Freebies: nameless10, watch03
Exchange: my boyslove19 for pleiades10, eroge09
OTP Battles: richie03
Trivia: heathcliff06, scarletrain05, mystic07
Mystery song: witchcraft09, fanalis03, mourningdove02, partners19
Mystery song: celestial04, pikohan01, coincidence04, girls08
Guess the videogame: forceful10, watch02, shounen05
Freebies: werewolf05, page02, ahoge11
Assemble: uesugi06, short01, stonefree06
Assemble: prospero04, luxury02, chakrablades09
Halloween Event: crossover mastery coupon, love letter x 50 trades 3 times, hllwnevent-bacci, event-halloween, single deck instant mastery
Deck donations: maid05, librarian02, tenku03, beauty08, wandering02, glasses10, loveletter
Deck donations: phd03, skill-out01, bellflower01, foreseer01, hotblooded06, cyborg05, ua08, ojousama05 and a love letter
Deck Release (september): bullied01, virtualidol01, protodevilin02, elementals02, shatter02, moderator01, voices01, blackhair08, josei03
Traded Joyce: my shatter02 for bullied02
Traded Dan: my protodeviln02, elementals02 for bullied10, virtualidol10

February 24:
Traded Marie: my breaker10, girly10, growth05, phantasm04, puppeteer04 for cinderella06, frog03, megpoid06, mikan07, reize03 (Valentine's Event Trade)

February 27:
Traded Marge: my anti-social06, eyepatch05, flowers05, phantasm07, veggies04 for iwant07, innocent07, milkyway02, pirate05, producer03 (Valentine's Event Trade)
Traded Dan: my fangirl08, kansai01 for aurora03, ageha01 (Valentine's Event Trade)